Meditation is just one way to sharpen your brain and protect its long-term health.

Generally, it’s easy, can be done any place at any time that fits your schedule, and it is one of the most effective stress-reducers available to all.

Don’t know how?

Most people already do some form of meditation and may not label it as such; prayer, yoga and journalling are just a few. You may even meditate while on a nature walk—clearing your mind and concentrating on your breathing to allow new thoughts and ideas to percolate freely . . .

BrainTap™ Sessions

We offer an easy way to jump-start your meditation practice. By utilizing our unique BrainTap™ sessions and headset, you can move the needle on recharging, refreshing, and refocusing all at once. Our award-winning BrainTap™ Headset pairs with the BrainTap™ App, which has over 2,000 brain training sessions available at the click of a button. Proven to help you sleep deeper, stress less, and think clearer.

Custom in-office meditation sessions are available singly or in packages OR download the app and purchase the BrainTap™ headset for home use and take it with you wherever you go.

We can help you with designing your meditation journey, an eating plan, and exercise regimen to help you incorporate brain-wellness practices daily. Ask for a Health Coaching Session with our on-staff health coach. Learn about the benefits of meditation and how your brain fitness directly correlates to how you train it.