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Wednesday & Thursday, October 18 & 19, 2023
at Homewood Suites in historic Newtown, PA
(110 Pheasant Run, Newtown, PA 18940)

Learn. Create. Grow. Repeat.

Success. We each have a different definition of what this means based on what we want out of life. As women small business owners, we want authentic, inspiring ways to keep growing business and balancing life to achieve our definition of success.

The Womenpreneur’s Fall Seminar is a:

  • a day and a half, fast-paced event
  • filled with 10 informative, interactive, collaborative creation sessions
  • each designed to inspire, motivate and create actual tools to use in growing business.

The theme is From Feasible to Irresistible, and every aspect of the event is geared toward the spirit of the female entrepreneur: a desire to learn, create, grow, and repeat.

The Womenpreneur’s Fall Seminar, produced by Invest in Yourself – by Women for Womenpreneurs, a division of Agasar Enterprises, Inc., brings education and fun together for building business success. We bring women entrepreneurs together to empower them for individual success while building a community of support and connection.

Why Attend this Seminar

The Womenpreneur’s Fall Seminar is a unique opportunity for attendees.  The program is designed to inspire, motivate and create tools you can use in your business right away – no waiting to get started.  Participants can expect:

10 informative, interactive, collaborative, creation sessions to help you create tools specific to your business

Networking opportunities with other attendees, presenters, sponsors, and exhibitors

A seminar workbook filled with valuable session materials with room for taking notes and noting your plans and ideas

Access to attendee-only articles, downloads, resources, and information

Personal attention from the irresistible expert presenters during and after the seminar

Opportunities to meet fellow womenprenurs from multiple industries and disciplines

First-access to upcoming self-care retreats for personal development that leads to business growth

Program Overview

You have a story to tell, and the seminar program is designed to help you grow as a womanpreneur.  Each presenter will share their expertise and passion for business to inspire you to grow from feasible to irresistible.

Day 1 – Wednesday, October 18, 2023
              10:15 am – 6:15 pm

  • Get ready to be irresistible – how to rise up and be your best now
  • Power up your business: achieve the success you desire – how to refine your business
  • Be the expert – get LinkedIn – how to create a LinkedIn profile and leverage the platform
  • Help, I need a web presence… where do I start? – how to create your ideal web presence and more
  • Fuel your body to support your success – how to build energy/productivity through nutrition

Day 2 – Thursday, October 19, 2023
              8:15 am – 4:30 pm.

  • Level up your business & branding with Canva – how to use Canva for branded marketing
  • How to unsuckify your bio – how to create a bio for all occasions
  • Get inside your mind & shift your thinking – how to understand your mindset/mindshift
  • Avoid the marketing roller coaster – how to focus on marketing that makes a difference
  • Be. Do. Have. The irresistible model that works – how to go to the next level and beyond

We’re also finalizing a fun, optional special event on Wednesday evening.  It’s a great way to connect with other attendees and presenters, so check back for complete details soon.

Session Decriptions

Get Ready to be Irresistible

Your business is feasible.  Can it be irresistible?  Of course it can!  Through personal trials and tribulations, learn how the journey to irresistible is about being authentic, real, and relational.  Empower yourself to attract more business than you can imagine, and become the irresistible magnet you deserve to be.

SPEAKER: Cathy Agasar

Power Up Your Business: Achieve the Success You Deserve

How do you get unstuck when you don’t even know you’re stuck?  This interactive workshop will help you recognize and work with the emotional factors that, unchecked, can be invisible “brakes” in your business.  Together we’ll explore common thought patterns that undermine your success as a woman; the roles ambition, success and integrity play your business; and how to become feminine, powerful AND wealthy all at the same time!

SPEAKER: Sue Begent

Be the Expert – Get LinkedIn

Did you know LinkedIn has over 930 million users worldwide, welcomes three new members every second, and is a database for networking and relationship building? That’s a powerful platform for building business.  In this interactive session, you will learn how to define your value proposition, build your personal brand, optimize your LinkedIn profile, and leverage your competitive edge.

SPEAKER: Lynne Williams

Help, I Need a Web Presence… Where Do I Start?

The nucleus of every business web presence is a website.  It can be overwhelming, so we break it into manageable bites, taking you from “how do I start” to “I got this” and beyond.  You will create a website wireframe defining and outlining content and placement to use to build your own website or take it to a web designer for help.  Not ready for a digital presence?  Leverage this information into a brochure, social media posting, email blasts, or a checkup for your existing website.

SPEAKER: Kathie Jankauskas

Fuel Your Body to Support Your Success

Is your business a mission fueled by your passion? Your body needs to support that mission, too. Energy, clear thinking and resilience depend on the choices you make in food, drink and self-care. Learn key steps to take to support your body for long-term success.

SPEAKER: Kelly Lutman

Level Up Your Business & Branding with Canva

Tired of spending hours on your marketing graphics only to feel like you’ve wasted time?  Want branded materials for your business that say who you are and what you do consistently?  With Canva, you can create a variety of custom materials – flyers, business cards, social media posts, and so much more – and have the ability to download any file you need whenever you need it.  During this interactive workshop session, you will work to create an easy template to use in multiple ways and begin marketing your practice for growth.

SPEAKER: Nathalie Courtney

How to Unsuckify Your Bio

Your existing bio likely feels formal. Stiff, even. The problem with this corporate-y version is that it repels your ideal clients, who don’t care if you graduated with honors—they want to know WHO you are and WHAT you can do for them. In this workshop session, you’ll learn how write a bio that attracts and informs, showing the world who you really are.  Yes, it is all about you!

SPEAKER: Deborah Kevin

Get Inside Your Mind & Shift Your Thinking

Understanding why and how you think allows you to take control of your thoughts…which ultimately determines your results.  Megan teaches you to become aware of your thoughts and provides tools to effectively shift your mindset to achieve positive outcomes in business and life.

SPEAKER: Megan Weisheipl

Avoid the Marketing Roller Coaster

Many small business owners struggle to consistently market their businesses resulting in the revenue feast—or—famine cycle.  In this interactive session, you’ll learn why you may struggle to market consistently, how to get clear on your marketing strengths, and your most important action steps post-seminar.

SPEAKER: Suzanne Moore

Be. Do. Have. The Irresistible Model that Works

You became the owner of a small business because you wanted “something more” in your life – time, money, balance, control.  Do you have it?  Do you still want more?   You can BE the womenpreneur you desire to be.  You can DO what it takes to get where you want to grow.  You can HAVE all you intend because you are IRRESISTIBLE!

SPEAKER: Cathy Agasar


Cathy Agasar

Cathy Agasar

Cathy Agasar is a bestselling author, self-care stress reduction coach, certified I-ACT colon hydrotherapist, and holistic wellness advocate, and in a previous life she was a professional, award-winning marketer.  She now enjoys bringing the two disciplines together, as she is on a mission to help others change their lives – naturally.  Her journey has taught her about resiliency, making meaningful connections, and sharing her experience forward.  She is a wife, mother of six adult children, grandmother of one, small business owner, crafter and creator, but most of all enjoys living life to the fullest in faith and gratitude.

Sue Begent

Sue Begent

Sue Begent is passionate about supporting women (and men!) to build businesses that transform the lives of others.  As an online women’s marketing coach with 30 years of business experience, Sue has been leading business planning for as long as she can remember. A UK native who made Lambertville, NJ, her home, Sue started her working life as a nurse before moving to a 25-year executive career in sales and marketing.  In 2017 she found her true calling and became a full-time women’s business coach.  She has been inspiring amazing women (and men) to thrive as entrepreneurs ever since.


Lynne Williams

Lynne Williams

Working on her doctoral dissertation on the topic of LinkedIn, Lynne Williams, Ed.D candidate, is the executive director of the Philadelphia Area Great Careers Group, which provides online career development and networking for career transition (job seekers) and career management (employed and self-employed).  She also writes resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and LinkedIn company pages, focusing on keywords that help leverage the platform.  She can be found speaking at a variety of events, introducing people to the power of LinkedIn.

Kathie Jankauskas

Kathie Jankauskas

Kathie Jankauskas is the owner of KJanStudio, a full-service graphic and web design studio providing custom designs that uniquely communicate client brand, image and message for businesses, non-profits, and consultants in Bucks County, the Greater Philadelphia region, and nationally.  She has been providing clients with targeted graphic and web design solutions with creative energy and exceptional customer service for 19 years. A solopreneur and team player, she responds quickly to client needs with a collaborative, inclusive approach.  Large projects or small, she finds great satisfaction in helping clients improve the quality and effectiveness of their marketing collateral to generate more business, strengthen customer relationships, and enhance brand presence.

Kelly Lutman

Kelly Lutman

Kelly Lutman has been fascinated by the power of food ever since resolving her son’s ADHD simply by changing his diet.  A health coach certified in Applied Functional Medicine, Kelly firmly believes that symptoms are the body’s cries for help and that the body can heal when provided the building blocks it needs. She meets each client where they are, helps them understand what is happening in their body, and guides them in identifying changes that will help them experience the vitality they were missing. She lives in Slidell, Louisiana, with the love of her life, near her eight grandchildren.

Nathalie Courtney

Nathalie Courtney

A real estate agent turned professional home organizer and small business coach, Nathalie Courtney took her love for graphic design and marketing to a new level to help entrepreneurs during the pandemic by simply taking a class.  She took her passion for marketing and new-found knowledge and skills to create a training course call “On the Agenda,” which teaches participants the ins and outs of Canva, Instagram and Google for business, all while focusing on productivity.  Nathalie now helps other business owners with branding, logo work and ways to market themselves for success by making it enjoyable.  Nathalie lives and works in Bucks County, PA, with her family.

Deborah Kevin

Deborah Kevin

As the founder and chief inspiration officer of Highlander Press, Deborah Kevin (pronounced “KEY-vin”) loves helping change-makers tap into and share their stories of healing and truth with impactful books. She’s guided hundreds of authors to craft and publish impactful books of which they are proud. Debby, a graduate of Stanford University’s Novel Writing program, graduated in 2021 with a master’s degree in publishing from Western Colorado University. She’s trekked over 350 miles of the Camino de Santiago and her passions include travel, cooking, hiking, and kayaking. She lives in Maryland with the love of her life, Rob, her sons, and their puppy Fergus—that is when they’re not off discovering the world.

Megan Weisheipl

Megan Weisheipl

After thirteen seemingly successful years climbing the corporate ladder, Megan Weisheipl realized her ladder was leaning on the wrong building. She took a risk, becoming a corporate refugee and launching a coaching business. As a Certified Life Coach and author, Megan helps you create awareness of negative thoughts that self-sabotage success and provides tools that evolve responses to circumstances to help you grow.  Through coaching and speaking she guides you to step into your greatness.  By releasing the self-imposed obligation to people-please and overcoming imposter syndrome you will create confidence and become the authentic YOU.

Suzanne Tregenza Moore

Suzanne Tregenza Moore

Suzanne Tregenza Moore knows all-to-well how living the entrepreneurial roller coaster feels. She’s committed to stop women from playing Whack-a-Mole with To-Do lists while instead focusing on bringing revenue into their businesses using strategy, marketing, technology, delegation, and mindset. Her clients describe her as “invaluable,” a “gentle butt-kicker,” and say she’s helped them to “unleash their vision.” A Jersey girl, born and bred, Suzanne, her two sons, and mini-labradoodle daughter named Lily now call the South Shore of Massachusetts home. She is the best-selling author of Hang on Tight! Learn to Love the Roller Coaster of Entrepreneurship.


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Hotel Accomodations

The Womenpreneur’s Fall Seminar has negotiated a special hotel rate for seminar attendees at Homewood Suites, Newtown, PA.

The rate is $149/night.

110 Pheasant Run,Newtown, PA 18940

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